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Client Testimonials


Lee allowed us to finally get the house we were trying to buy with his guaranteed sale program. We had previously lost 3 houses because we had to make our bids contingent upon the sale of our house. He broke that log jam and we were able to get the house. Not only that, anything I needed from a painter to a handyman, Lee always gave us first class referrals to people I could rely on.”


BJ Aliamo

“Their service was good. They found us a house in 3 days! I had been looking for 6 months with a prior realtor that we fired and I hired him and he found us a house in 3 days. I’d definitely recommend him!”


Megan McGraw

“They are very responsive to customer needs. I heard from them from a friend and on a radio ad and it was basically the friends’ recommendation that led me to contact them. I had a very good first impression and they have great customer service. I’d absolutely recommend them.”


Anthony Davis

“We thought it was good service. We thought that that real estate agent really worked with us. They are a confident firm and we didn’t have any problems. I do think that on a scale of average and above average, I think they’re above average.”


“I would give them a 10. They were always quick to respond and the whole experience was just really nice and she was very easy to get ahold of. She was always on top of things. She was very friendly and she answers any and all of my questions and it all just went really smoothly so I was quite happy. Stephanie on Lee Tessier’s Team was GREAT!”

Kathleen Houston


“We’ve sold a number of houses through Lee, but on our very first transaction the buyer was being difficult and we were really trying to be accommodating and Lee was very helpful with that. We had a roof issue and Lee found us a reasonable roofer, then we had a water pipe issue and Lee said that it was okay and that he’d find someone to take care of it for not too much. I thought he just went way above and beyond what most realtors would do. We could get him to do as much or as little as we wanted and we really went full service with him. We didn’t really want to be bothered with any of it at all, we said you list it, you put the sign out and you made the copies of the listing paper and you put the box out in front of the house, you do it all and he did. He did a really nice job for us. We’ve used him ever since.”

Martha Hite


“I’d refer him 20 to 1. We’ve dealt with other realtors in the past and there is no communication and honestly Lee makes you feel like you’re the only client he has. When we met him, there was no doubt. He was organized and he was ready to go. I’d support him no matter what. He’s an amazing guy and word of mouth is the best way to advertise which is no wonder why he was such a good business because he’s that good”

Matt Raab


Dear Lee and Rose,

This letter is to thank you and your company for your tremendous efforts in selling our home. From start to finish you were extremely professional and well mannered. All of our questions were answered quickly and completely. The professionals you referred for services (stager, carpenter, carpet, and tub and tile) were also quick and proficient.

After hearing your advertisement on 105.7 we were reluctant to believe your statistics would apply to our home. We still don’t know how you managed to dig up almost twenty appointments in less than two weeks! When you called with the first offer we were in disbelief that it happened so quickly. We thought the offer was perfect! Then the second offer came the next day. And it was more than perfect, it was over asking price! You made believers out of us. We have told anyone that will listen how remarkable your company was to work with.

We will most definitely be calling you again when we are ready to buy our next home.


Mark & Heather Myers


     We cannot thank Lee and his team enough for helping us in selling our house in this tough market. Lee’s team is professional, efficient, and the best.

     Last year, we had to sell our house due to a new job opportunity in a different state. We knew the market was pretty bad. It was even worse to sell a house over $800K. We needed a dedicated agent.  We searched the internet and were attracted by Lee’s website. After searching his website my husband and I came across a simple but important fact: Lee has sold more houses than other agents in the area. That was exactly what we needed.  Soon we called Lee and met with him. We then knew he was a hard working-full time agent, had all the morden means to expose our house, had an efficient group, and was well connected.  We decided to let Lee sell our house.

      In a very short time, Lee had sent his experts to the house to give us suggestions on furniture re-arrangement and decorations. He also recommended handymen to re-paint the house and gardeners to do some yard work. After all tasks were complete, he put our house on the market immediately. Even before the house was on the market, he already spread the word that our house was for sale. Several potential buyers looked at the house before it was on the market and we had an offer the first day. When we did not take the offer, Lee did not push us. Instead of opening our house to the public, which we thought was inefficient and inconvenient; Lee connected our house to the Centralized Showing Service (CSS) which would let us know when a buyer wanted to see the house.

     After we moved out of the house, Lee sent someone in his group to check our mail and the house’s condition every week. He always made the house available to show in excellent condition. Sometimes he even found someone to remove the snow or to mow the lawn. When a piece of roofing shingle fell down due to the wind blowing, he emailed us several detailed photos to tell us what had happened and had someone ready to repair. During the whole period of the house being on the market, when we had a few offers which we did not like, Lee always suggested for us not to take them.  When we finally considered an offer, Lee helped us to decide on the right price. He sent us all the house information in the neighborhood and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of taking or denying the proposed offer. Once we signed the contract, Lee and his group worked fast. We had an inspection report over 100 pages long. Rick, who is in Lee’s General Manager hired another inspector to check the listed items one by one and gave us suggestions on what we should and shouldn’t change. Rick also gave us the prices of dealing with each item. Again, Lee helped us bargain the items with the buyers one by one. In the meantime, Rose, Lee’s Client Care Manager sent us all the documents we had to sign. When both sides reached an agreement, it was only three days until we reached the closing date. Rick and his handymen worked two days, non-stop, to fix and install everything needed. They also removed the leftover junk in the house. During the walk through on closing day, Rick and his men were there and fixed some new things the buyers found out about. Finally, the house was closed in time and everybody was happy. Due to our tight schedule, we did not even have to show up for the closing day. Lee and Rick took care of everything.

     […] the house market is still the buyers’ market. The sellers need dedicated experts like Lee’s team to sell their houses. We highly recommend Lee and his team to every seller.

Gloria and Lee Zhu


Dear Lee:

Just a note to thank you for all the help you provided us in selling and buying real estate. As you know, we were in limbo for a while when Mark’s mom got sick and her property needed to be sold. But when we were ready, you had a contract for full asking price in less than a day! You guided us in how to make the condo more marketable and gave us tips on how the pros put in a little money but get a huge return on their investment. We couldn’t believe it sold so quickly, and that we got an unprecedented asking price.

We then turned our attention back to the business of selling our own townhouse. And again, you found a buyer that offered our full asking price. But when our deal began to sour because of needed repairs, you stepped up to the plate. You got estimates on replacing the entire roof, met the contractors at the house and even negotiated contracts on our behalf. You stayed in contact with us every step of the way and saved us from having to lose time from our jobs to take care of these concerns. You went way above and beyond what we were expecting from a realtor, even offering to help us pay for needed repairs out of your own personal funds.

This doesn’t even begin to thank you for all the work you performed on our behalf in buying our new home. When someone sells their home, they are giving up the one place where warmth and comfort are guaranteed. It was very scary to sell our townhouse. It’s the only home we’d had since we were married. But you found us this wonderful new house where new memories will be made and warmth and comfort are, again, being enjoyed.

Over the several months that we worked together selling two properties and buying one, we feel like we became friends with you. I would have no problem recommending you to my closest and dearest friends because they, too, deserve more than just a seller for their homes. Please keep in touch with us.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

Martha and Mark Hite


I had just graduated college and was originally looking to rent a property. The cheapest rental I could find for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Condo was $1300. After speaking with Lee, he was able to find a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Condo to purchase in less than 2 months, with a monthly mortgage payment of only $814! I saved myself nearly $500 per month, and I am now a home owner! I have never heard or experienced such great customer service as I have with the Lee Tessier Team! I will definitely be using them in the future when I am looking to buy/sell again!

On top of the great service, Lee also let me use his moving truck for free and offered to pay for my housewarming party, for up to 30 guests! This truly is amazing customer service and I have never even heard of another Realtor in my area able to find me a place to live in such a short amount of time, let alone all the perks and benefits he offered to me for using his team!

Rob Warns



Just wanted to take the time to thank you for being so patient with me since this was my first Real Estate transaction. Your expertise and guidance has been helpful and your customer service is exceptional! Thanks again!




Thank you so much for helping my client, Carolyn Coleman. I really appreciate your time and energy, she has nothing but great things to say about you. I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Thank You!

Melissa Brittain


Dear Lee Tessier and the RE/MAX American Dream Team,

Thank you so much for hosting our housewarming party. What a kind and fun idea. It was really a great time and the food you provided was delicious. Thank you for making everything for our family so great. It was a really positive and perfect experience dealing with your team. Thank You!

The Schillaci’s

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