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We Went the Extra Mile to Help Jason Sell His Home

“My experience was amazing. He was on point, he did things I asked him to do, number one as far as the house should be listed long story short but he did it properly. Whenever I needed to contact him or whenever I contacted him he got back to me immediately whether it be by text or by email he was always available.

As far as the house was listed he went above what you typically do. The address on the house that was on our title was actually different than the actual address that we used and that was one of the problems we had with the person we listed the house previously with. She wouldn’t do it, she wouldn’t put the actual address that we used as the listing address because it wasn’t on the title and Lee was able
to do exactly that. We had thirteen showings in the first two weeks compared to about four in the first three months and got the home sold quickly, in less than 2 months and for 98% of list price.” -Jason

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